Christmas Giving


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Dear family and friends,

You inspire us with your faith, spiritual gifts, and service to the mission. We are immensely grateful for your goodwill, friendship, gifts-in-kind, and concrete monetary support of the Legionaries of Christ and the Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi in Michigan.

On this Giving Tuesday as we prepare for Advent, we invoke all the holy men and women, saints of God, to care for you and your families and to confirm your support and encouragement of our communities. Through their intercession, the funds we raise will provide more availability for our full-time dedication to personal accompaniment and evangelization.

There are many changes afoot! The Consecrated Women had several personnel changes this summer. Gabriela Ruiloba moved to Virginia in August to begin her PhD in Psychology at Divine Mercy University (DMU). Elizabeth Stromberg and Yvonne Fontaine just arrived from Atlanta. Alongside Regina Doyle and Rose Wieber at Everest Collegiate High School and Academy, Elizabeth works as the Middle School Formation Director and oversees the growing ECYD youth ministry. Yvonne has enrolled in the Encounter School of Ministry and supports the Healing Ministry in the locality. Mariana Ortega will work closely with the Spanish ministry this year, while Lisa Small continues as the community director, supporting the Regnum Christi women, offering spiritual direction, and serving on the board at Everest.

The Legionaries are now six members in their community, after Fr. Brian relocated to work with the Regnum Christi women's sections in Louisiana. Fr. Jason Smith, as the community superior, continues to serve on the board at Everest and offers monthly formation seminars on prayer while completing his Master's Degree in Psychology at Divine Mercy University. Fr. Jason Brooks completed his Spiritual Direction Certification from DMU and graduated from the Encounter School of Ministry. He presently leads the Regnum Christi Healing Ministry in the Archdiocese of Detroit. Fr. Thomas and Fr. Luis continue to serve full-time as school chaplains at Everest and accompany students and young adults in their walk with Jesus. Fr. Thanh serves various Spanish-speaking communities, including Escuela de la Fe, Chiquitos Bilingual Montessori School, and Equipos de Nuestra Señora in Oakland County, while Fr. Juan serves as men's section director and focuses on guiding retreats, offering spiritual direction, and marriage counseling, both in English and Spanish. On weekends especially, all the Legionaries fill in wherever their help is needed at local parishes offering the sacraments.

Both the Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi and the Legionaries of Christ use their homes often for Masses, retreats, adoration, spiritual direction, team meetings, and social events. Moreover, both communities are getting out into the broader community to serve more people every single day, expanding their missionary outreach well beyond Clarkston and Bloomfield Hills, reaching out into Lake Orion, Novi, Pontiac, Auburn Hills, Burton, Grand Blanc, and the surrounding areas. We are asking you to assist us in spreading the Gospel to an even wider community of people to form Catholic leaders and educators, strengthen marriages and family relationships, and engage youth to transform an often corrosive culture. We ask for your support of our 'work in the Lord's vineyard' with our unique roles within the Mystical Body of Christ. Your prayers, talents, work, and donations are critical to these extraordinary initiatives to build His Kingdom.

Neither the Legionaries of Christ nor the Consecrated Women in Detroit receive any financial subsidies from the Archdiocese nor their respective National Offices, as they rely exclusively on their local work and donations for their personal and community sustenance. Please consider donating before this year's end a gift of $1000, $750, $500,$250 or $150 to continue growing our ministry. If you would like to give to both the Legionaries and Consecrated Women, please write a check to each one or donate through both links/ QR codes.

We have different channels for giving.

1.  Write a check to LC Pastoral Services, Inc. and/or Consecrated Women, Inc. and mail the checks back to the Legionary address (2460 Opdyke Road, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan,48304).

2. DONATE ONLINE by clicking on these links to the Consecrated Women and/or the Legionaries of Christ.

We offer our heartfelt best wishes for the remainder of this year and into 2024. Thank you in advance for your generosity. May the Holy Family and the Communion of Saints be with you today and in this Season!

Much love and prayers from the Legionaries of Christ and Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi

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